An average man and his pretty girlfriend

Published: 25th November 2005
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A pretty young lady friend of mine posed two stirringly interesting questions to my friend and I a few days ago.

She noted that when she sees a beautiful women walking around with an average looking guy on her arm she automatically thinks one of three things: he is either really rich or (as she put it) he is well-hung. Her third possibility, which she was not very convinced of at all, was that the guy in question has a really nice personality.

She went on to state that when she sees a really handsome guy walking around with an ugly woman on his arm all she can think about the guy is "what a looser"

The really shocking part of our discussion (which strangely enough did not involve any alcohol at all) was when she stated that she has found her perfect man. Apparently this fellow has everything that a country girl like her could ever want in a man but for some reason she could not find herself attracted to him in any way. My friend offered her the advice that she should sleep with him first and then consider her feelings. This caused the focus of the conversation to turn slightly with her pointing out that her body is her temple and she did not give it out to every man who came along. While this certainly became an interesting and animated conversation, we will not digress into it here. The point is that she had found her perfect man and was not attracted to him beyond friendship.

My thoughts on her perfect man is that he is gay or married to a supermodel, has 7 children, one leg and $300 000 in credit card debt. You know how country girls are...

For several reasons I find her observations to be pretty scary and of concern to not-so-pretty people everywhere. My wife and I fall squarely into the latter part of the first observation ... a beautiful women walking around with an average looking guy. Since I am not particularly rich and the rest is not currently up for discussion, what do her observations say about my wife or me? What about you? How many pretty young people are enjoying these thoughts?
For the record my buddy and his wife fall into the same observation but he was quick to blame it on the well-hung reasoning.

Being the perpetual foreigner that I am, I have had the pleasure of interacting with women from South African, England, New Zealand, Australian, Poland, Germany and several other counties. Bottom Line: American women are, in general way to bloody picky. Women from most other countries are happy with a man who can provide for them, care and love them and ultimately father their offspring without too much drama. Being a buff male model is not required either. Good genes, good personality and good manners rate highly with these women but barely make it to the US women's scale of desirable traits in a man.

Many American women that I have the misfortune of meeting on a regular basis seem prone to complaining about seemingly trivial and insignificant topics. Topical favorites include the size of their diamond rings, the size and zip code of their house, the make, model and year of their car and where they get to spend their monthly vacations. These women love drama, especially if they can create and control it. Being the center of attention is an absolute must for them or these women begin to realize just how insignificant they really are.

The absolute best part of these complaining sessions is watching the unlucky partner switch off and visualize himself freefalling off a high bridge. Usually significant volumes of beer get consumed during these rant periods.

Don't get me wrong here, all my friends have nice pretty wives who are in fact American, but these women appear to be diamonds in the rough. Having said this, these has been occasion that I have been unlucky enough to spend time with several of their gold digging women friends, an event that usually leaves me checking my pockets to see if I have been robbed.

An example of a gold digging expedition: A smart women (complete with a doctorate) finds a rich man in the construction industry and proceeds to move into his house after knowing him for only two weeks. She rearranges all his stuff even going as far as hiding his beautiful stuffed ducks that had a place of pride on his lounge wall. She complains incessantly about his green wallpaper, wanting him to replace it as soon as possible. One day a group of us get together and go out to dinner. While enjoying our meals she starts an argument with him. After taking a significant bashing he leaves the table and waits at the front door. She explains to the group that this breakup is not a hitch in her social life as she has her cell phone and it is full of the phone numbers of other interested men. Heck by moving in with this guy she saved two months of rent! Ultimately he was a nice guy who got stuck with a diva wannabe.

Women are fickle beings while a man just wants a woman who cares about him in the same way he cares about her. I don't believe that this is an impossible mix to achieve, but looking around, it might as well be. I love my South African girl; she is the light of my world.

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